Our investigation led us to a completely innocent

The RCMP showed no interest in trying to track down the person whose images had been stolen to rip Colleen off. Our investigation led us to a completely innocent Canadian man, named Tommy Kean, who says his photos have been used again and again by scammers. He figures at least 70 women have reached out to him over the last 5 years.

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Guards broke inmates‘ arms, psychologists destroyed rape reports, and nurses ignored medical emergencies. Wisconsin has since paid more than $25 million to settle lawsuits from inmates including a boy who had toes amputated after staff slammed his foot in a door, and another who was stripped naked as punishment. The prison was eventually ordered to close by 2021..

In the South China Sea not only it has drawn nine dashed line demanding almost the whole of the region but has also started expanding these lines to claim more areas. The Chinese cartographic aggression took a new shape recently when it issued a new map in which it expanded the area by shifting the old line. The Peking University Institute of Ocean Research’s South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative has posted a map redrawing the EEZ of China 150 miles further south than it should be.

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