„And Ashford simply responded

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nba cheap jerseys Follow CNNHis resume includes umpiring for the 2008 and 2018 World Series and two All Star Games, according to MLB. He played baseball during his college days at San Diego State and was named the First Team All American in 1983.The 36 year old has been a Minor League umpire since 2009, but started working Major League Spring Training since 2016, according to MLB.Emmett Ashford led the way for black umpiresThere have been about 10 black umpires to officiate major league games, according to the Associated Press, which first broke the news about Danley’s appointment.A number of African Americans have also taken leadership positions in the MLB umpire staff, including Peter Woodfork, senior vice president of baseball operations and the late Chuck Meriwether, who became a supervisor after umpiring.But none of their careers would have taken off cheap jerseys nba without Emmett Ashford, who paved the way for diversity in umpiring.Ashford first stepped onto a major league ball field on April 11, 1966, according to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.As the first African American umpire, Ashford described his major league debut as the „thrill of his life“ and an „exhilarating“ experience, but of course there were obstacles.8/29/1968 Cleveland, OH Umpire Emmett Ashford calls a strike with enthusiasm, in the Minnesota game.“I had trouble getting into the stadium,“ he said in an interview in 1977, according to the Hall of Fame.The Secret Service were on surveillance because Vice President Hubert Humphrey was going to throw out the first ball. So when Ashford arrived at the field and said he was an umpire, the Secret Service said this: „There are no Negro umpires in the major leagues.“And Ashford simply responded, „Well there will be a Negro umpire in the American League if you will let me into the park.““I feel proud having been an umpire in the big leagues not because I was the first black man but because major league umpires are a very select group of men,“ Ashford said in the interview. nba cheap jerseys

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