Rivera Four doctors aboard the USS Theodore

Instead of your perspective always being one of standing and being adhered to the ground, I can move in three dimensions. I can move left right or up down or at angles, so there’s a lot of freedom of movement in there. And the thing that is wonderful in underwater photography is that you have to get close to your subjects..

Murano, a small island about two miles by boat from the rest of Venice, has been famous for glass blowing since the late 1200s, when Venice’s furnaces were all moved there as a safety precaution against the threat of fires. The current economic situation is extremely difficult, Gambaro said, especially for companies that work in the local industrial supply chain instead of exporting products to foreign customers. It’s unclear yet which of the 150 companies that make up the Murano glass industry will survive..

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The stage at the Shelton has given such luminaries as Danny Glover and Francis Ford Coppola a venue. They’ve got their own vets on hand for the shows, plus a new guest from San Francisco’s scene each week. Come to watch (there’s an open bar!), or try your hand at performance..

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Despite yeoman efforts to make all of this competence translate to the street, the TRD Pro asks for some compromises when used as a daily commuter. The TRD cat back exhaust moans, all of the time, a droning soundtrack that grew tiring. The ride so great off road also grew tiring on the tortured two tracks that suffice for rural Maine roads.

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