Here’s where daily monitoring pays off: Check the

Think there are parallels in what we can learn from 1918 in terms of how we respond to a pandemic, Smith added. Cities that were hesitant and didn impose closure orders as quickly had far more fatalities. I think the lesson we can draw in general from 1918 about how to respond to a pandemic is that closure orders and social distancing is effective.

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The next day, we had to find a way out. Walking that afternoon, we happened upon a California Highway Patrol officer. He invited us to join him escorting people out in 20 minutes. He/she guides the worker about the clause of loss of wage to be claimed for in the case. The expert also guides about various aspects of the claim and how they can be recovered from the responsible person. The sufferer is also insured from the damages which may occur in future due to the incident happened.

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