Louis forward Robert Thomas is out with a suspected

There is quite a bit of haunting activity in the cemetery. Visitors have claimed to see full bodied apparitions just wandering through the graveyard. Disembodied footsteps are heard on the gravel. Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer didn mince words when he told The Vancouver Sun last week that the suggestion of systemic racism in Canadian policing is not only untrue, but Immediately after that, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart told The Sun, plainly: racism exists in all of our institutions, and that includes within the Vancouver Police Department. Didn directly mention Palmer or the chief recent statement. But it was noteworthy to see two of Vancouver civic leaders stake out very public and starkly contrasting positions on one of the most discussed issues of the moment.RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki publicly backtracked on the question last month, issuing a statement acknowledging systemic racism in the national police force, days after tellingreporters she was struggling to define the term.Indeed, many Canadians might be struggling with a definition of the concept that suddenly the subject of many public and private discussions, and reckonings within institutions from health care to the media.

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The absence of Chara could prove to be the tipping point in a bruising battle between the Bruins and Blues. Boston defenseman Matt Grzelcyk is out with a concussion and St. Louis forward Robert Thomas is out with a suspected hand or wrist injury. Also, the raffle was for 6 different things. You couldn pick what you wanted. They did it at random.

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