„At least two PACs opposed to Trump

That’s a view generally shared by top House Republican Kevin McCarthy of California.In an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday, McConnell said, „I would hope the president really wouldn’t veto the bill over this issue.“On Wednesday morning, Schumer eagerly returned to the topic.“Let me predict, President Trump will not veto a bill that contains pay raises for our troops and crucial support for our military,“ Schumer said on the Senate floor. „This is typical bluster from President Trump. The (defense bill) will pass, and we will scrub from our military bases the names of men who fought for the Confederacy and took up arms against our country.“Yahoo NewsTrump defense on Russian bounty story falls flat, even with RepublicansWhite House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany continued to defend President Trump on Tuesday in the wake of reporting by the New York Times and confirmation by other news outlets that intelligence officials cheap jerseys nba had concluded in 2019 that Russia government offered bounties to Taliban fighters for killing American troops in Afghanistan.

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cheap nba jerseys Russia was expelled from the compact in 2014 as punishment for invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea.At the same time, he has boasted of his „toughness“ toward Moscow, and McEnany insisted that „no president has been as tough on Russia as this president.““This is as bad as it gets, and yet the president will not confront the Russians on this score,“ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday in response to the story in the Times.Some Republicans, including Trump allies, have also been critical of the administration in the wake of reporting about Russia’s actions and the lack of an administration response.If reporting about Russian bounties on US forces is true, the White House must explain:1. Why weren’t the president or vice president briefed? Was the info in the PDB?2. Who did know and when?3.If intelligence reports are verified that Russia or any other country is placing bounties on American troops, then they need to be treated as a state sponsor of terrorism.Asked if Russia should be allowed back in the G 7, McConnell replied, „Absolutely not.“At least two PACs opposed to Trump, VoteVets and the Lincoln Project, released ads over the weekend attacking the administration on the issue. cheap nba jerseys

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