The couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement

When Mayor de Blasio announced New York City’s open streets program, he said „the focus here will be where the need [for social distancing space] is the greatest.“ That makes sense. Open streets are critical for the social distancing needed to bring infection rates down and finally flatten the curve. Sadly, Mayor de Blasio hasn’t kept his word for those of us in need..

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It’s a wild ride of drinking, drugs, debauchery and deception when the ambitious Jordan Belfort decides that he wants to be one of the rich kids. Starting out his stockbroker business in a small office with a handful of employees, his aims are simple; target only the richest people in the country. It isn’t long before Belfort and his team find themselves with more money than they know what to do with and begin to live their lives manically high off the success.

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