Graham Potts plans 177 apartments on the former canada goose outlet Among the key issues were cuts to some dedicated school bus services and weekend reliability issues with some Saturday and Sunday services cancelled due to a lack of drivers. Mr Steel said $1.48 million would be spent to recruit an extra 43 bus drivers to help reliability on the weekend. The government has hired 87 new bus drivers since the new network was unveiled.

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canada goose black friday sale Been, for the market, a reality check, said Willem Visser, a T. Rowe fixed income analyst. Tries to project itself as being a triple A rated credit that bigger and better than the other oil majors, but people forget about the political risk. Karen can do that.February 23 2017 12:34PMIs the Maple Bar ban on men approaching women a good thing?Michael Gorey and Karen HardyI make it a personal rule to never drink with my mother. She already knows most of my embarrassing childhood foibles and I have no wish to be reminded of these or discuss them with anybody else.It’s insulting to imply that the only woman a man can treat well is his mother.Most of us don’t need to be told that good manners is a prerequisite to interacting with the opposite sex. Yep, I’ve heard horror stories of guys who make inappropriate comments on dating sites and send unwelcome images, but most of them don’t get very far.I suspect the Maple Bar will do well for a few weeks or months while there’s curiosity value.But men will grow tired of being watched by the fun police and take their hard earned dollars to somewhere less obsessed with a pseudo feminist agenda.Perhaps it’s meant to be a women’s only club by stealth, or an imitation of the Bumble app where women make the first move.That’s fine, but don’t impose artificial codes of behaviour. canada goose black friday sale

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