Payton played until the age of 33

Walter Payton only missed 4 games during his career, with a strike shortened 9 game season in 1982 and a strike shortened 15 game season in 1987. Of his 194 possible career games, he played in 190 meaning he only missed 2.0% of his career games. Payton played until the age of 33..

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In its contribution towards peace, sport often provides safe environments at the grassroots and community levels, at which participants are brought together in the pursuit of common goals and interests; learn values of respect, tolerance and fair play; and develop social competencies. As a common denominator and shared passion, sport can build bridges between communities regardless of their cultural differences or political divisions. In times of conflict or instability, sporting activities can provide participants with a sense of normalcy..

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„I think you’re going to have a harder time recruiting the best people if they know that when they come out with hard hitting, aggressive findings.. There’s no compunction about removing them from office,“ said I. Charles McCullough III, a former intelligence community IG.

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