Times Food editor Peter Meehan

The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold its second hearing in the impeachment inquiry on Monday, when counsel for Democrats and Republicans on the Intelligence Committee will discuss the evidence against the president. In a letter on Thursday to the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Meanwhile, the White House faces a https://www.cheapnbajerseyscn.com Friday deadline to inform the committee on whether it will participate in future proceedings..

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Wanted my brother [Otha Jones III] to be the symbol of the gym, to show young people in our city that you don have get killed over gang violence to be famous in the city, said Roshawn Jones, Otha Jones III brother, and co founder of Soul City Boxing Gym. Am tired of seeing a pattern of reckless behavior, repeating itself, over and over again, I talked with my father and we decided to be that change. Want people to smile, because they know me, they interact with me.

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