The Village Initiative is working in partnership

Annie: I started off my life actuallyin a pretty traditional way. I went toColumbia Undergrad. I thought, I’m going tostart playing poker in the meantime,until I can get back out on the academicjob market. The Village Initiative is moving forward with a range of efforts to address these pressing issues and invites community members to volunteer with the organization. „The Village will continue our work with an even greater focus on sharing our great history and working for equity,“ Williams says. The Village Initiative is working in partnership with W and the WJCC School District to integrate more local Black history into the classrooms.

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10. Try not to take things personally: When you start a new job, you may find there are certain people who are not that friendly. Remember you may have got a role that someone else was expected to get. Thompson and others around the NBA have little clarity on the next steps. They are awaiting word like everyone else. But no matter what happens with the remainder of the season, if that rebound against the Spurs on March 8 was his last with the Cavs, Thompson will always have fond memories..

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Eurovision 2020 may still be going ahead though, in less positive news (just kidding), as organisers look at virtual alternatives following the cancelling of the live competition. The only thing certain at this stage though is that the UK will, once again, not win. Rihanna has allegedly donated 700,000 USD towards the purchase of ventilators for her home nation of Barbados as the number of cases rises to six; which is a lot for a country that’s only 167 square miles..

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