And international marketing and sales experience

The response to the coronavirus has transformed virtually every aspect of daily life within senior care communities. Group activities, from card games to concerts, have been canceled. Meals are being delivered to resident rooms in disposable containers to avoid contamination.

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Dear Sam: After working 27 years in a family owned technical sales and marketing rep firm, my husband needs to make a change. And international marketing and sales experience. What are your recommendations on setting up a resume where there is only one employer, but numerous facets of one responsibilities covering outside sales and in house management within said company over the years? Nancy.

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„Falsettos“ began life as a one act musical and its sequel, which were produced separately off Broadway. Combined into a full length show, „Falsettos“ opened on Broadway in 1992, winning Tony Awards for best book and score, and ran for more than a year. The book is by James Lapine, best known for his musical collaborations with Stephen Sondheim („Sunday in the Park with George,“ „Into the Woods“); the music and lyrics are by William Finn..

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