Or at the top, looking down at the beautiful valley

We know classical music is in crisis, and has been for quite a while. (I’ve been teaching a course on the crisis at Juilliard ever since 1997. That’s one quick way to measure how long the crisis has gone on, though of course signs of it can be found earlier.).

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wholesale jerseys To just sit there in the midst of the magnificent mountains brings a sense of peace and calm. You could be in the valley, looking all around at the towering peaks. Or at the top, looking down at the beautiful valley. Congratulations on completing the academic year under such inauspicious circumstances. I applaud you for your perseverance in the work of teaching and inquiry, despite the constraints of the COVID 19 crisis. I have heard many stories not only of your innovation, but of your sincere commitment to our students‘ learning and well being, even though many had to deal with disruption at home wholesale jerseys.

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