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Slack fielding wont be good enough against the Marlins. Even if he’s not throwing enough strikes for a decent strikeout rate, if Miami had an offense that could actually create a double play, they’d be able to run that many times. It’s not like they’re facing an outfield that’s not getting many outs. Even if the Marlins can avoid being hit hard, they’re not getting a lot of singles due to the poor defense. And if you’re talking about the worst infield of all, Miami has only 5 infielders that would be good enough to play shortstop if they weren’t forced into it. And they might still end up taking Carlos Gomez back, and even worse, a Jose Fernandez.

Overall, this is simply an overall bad Marlins team that’s been a disaster to watch. Wh인천 출장 안마ile I’ll always remember this team being terrible by most standards and the players that had to deal with them over the course of their tenure (especially before the여주출장마사지 All-Star break), you can argue against a team that didn’t care what happened to them all that much. At least in their first 5 games, they did nothing to change that perce도박ption. If this is the team they should have been watching out for coming into the season, they should have at least thrown more strikes, and maybe added some speed to the offense. I can be pretty sure that’s not the case for most teams in the NLCS, so if this was an All-Star break squad with one of the better infield defenses in the game, they’d be winning the World Series.