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New crop research to avoid frost and heat damage

New crop research to avoid frost and heat damage

By Jonathan Leibner

The Department of Conservation hopes to change how the state views and studies the effects of natural disasters on the local food system.

This week, the agency is scheduled to open an intensive garden at the University of Iowa’s Agricultural Research Station, where it hop우리카지노계열es to gather more than 100 million seeds from state-managed farms across the state.

The program is among the first of its kind since the U.S. Department of Agriculture began tracking drought conditions and crop damage from natural disasters in 1984. The first report of crop damage in Iowa was published in 1987.세종안마

The new state program, which was announced in August by Iowa Agriculture and Rural Development Director Bob Rood, the state’s first chief disaster response officer, will provide data to help agricultural producers better respond to the growing frequency and severity of major storms and droughts.

The project, led by Iowa’s Department of Agriculture and Iowa State University, was funded in part by a grant from the Natural Resources Defense Council, a nonprofit advocacy group.

„There’s so much we can learn from natural disasters, but there’s much that remains to be learned and analyzed,“ Rood said in an interview at the University of Iowa campus this week. „And it’s been so rewarding to be able to bring together a team of scientists from across the state, including some of our best scientists,포커 족보 as well as academics from our universities who can help us in this area.“

The drought project is one of three projects under the Iowa Agriculture and Rural Development Department’s Climate Change and Natural Disasters Center, which includes research, education and partnerships with other agencies. The department’s research office and the Center for Sustainable Climate and Agriculture also receive funding from the State and Federal governments and are responsible for overseeing the department’s climate and agriculture program.

The first grant was awarded in 2012, and the other two are in the process of approval.

In 2013, the state issued $30 million in grant money to support the research.

In addition to developing new techniques, the agency has developed two programs — Iowa’s first and Iowa’s first-ever research efforts on climate change, which is also funded by grants from the DNR — that rely heavily on data collected by other researchers from the region. This is done to supplement the existing crop damage program and to improve the program’s performance and scientific basis.

Iowa’s drought disaster research is housed in the Iowa Agricultural Research Station in the campus‘ agricultural building. (Photo