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National rura news story archive is available here

National rura news story archive is available here.

The video shows a man calling a police officer on multiple occasions to 파라오 카지노ask how he could get out of the car with the knife.

The officer says they could call the emergency services but the man says he could get out of the car with the knife if he did not시흥안마 wait for them.

It turns out this was the same individual who police had earlier said had been using the knife on the man he was walking with.

It is said at least ten people watched the whole ordeal unfold, with many watching on CCTV.

The footage shows the man walking around with a knife. At one point, he takes out a knife and goes towards the officer. The officer asks what is going on and the man says he wants to kill his girlfriend.

At this point, a police officer can be seen telling the man to stop the knife.김천출장샵 That’s when the knife then cuts the man in the wrist.

Police say the man then fell to the ground and police ran to stop him, but the knife had already cut out his hand.

The man was taken to the Qld Police station where the knife was examined by police. It was found to be a.22 caliber revolver.

He was transferred to hospital for treatment.

Anyone with information relating to this incident is urged to contact Qld police station on 9434 456.